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Brittany Murphy’s Deadline Cover Art Yanked

You may not know this much about Brittany Murphy, but in the days before her death, she’d slipped into the ranks of the terror hottie with her last movie Deadline.  It was about a screenwriter who was having a terrible time with her newest project, when she moves out to an old house to get her work done.  Naturally, in truest horror movie fashion, this goes badly wrong.

But what you don’t know is that the cover art for Deadline featured something really unusual–a picture of what looked liked Brittany Murphy…dead in the bathtub.

The unusual part is that that’s exactly where Murphy was found dead in real life. Well, in her shower, anyway.  So it’s not exactly classy to have box art of your lead actress dead in the bathtub when she ACTUALLY died there.  Thus, the art was pulled from Redbox and several other places.

Probably the best move, really, especially in the face of something that freaky.

Brittany Murphy Tackles Earth-Destroying Earthquake

All right, SyFy buffs who just can’t get enough of cheesy disaster fare–brace yourselves!  October 10th will bring the premiere of MegaFault, featuring terror hottie Brittany Murphy, alongside genre name Eriq La Salle.  It’ll then open on DVD November 24th, just in case you can’t bring yourself to actually watch a show on a network with a phoenetically spelled title.

Brittany Murphy plays a seismologist, and Eriq La Salle a miner, who discover that there’s a gigantic fault line running underneath the Earth’s surface.  If an earthquake goes off there, it could tear the entire planet in half.

Thus, an earthquake is about to go off there.

Yeah, not exactly a huge surprise, huh?  But if cheesy disaster fare with terror hotties is your speed, then you should get plenty of fun out of this one.

Terror Hotties Go The Way of Something Wicked

(Brittany Murphy)

Darin Scott’s second feature is well underway at last report, with Brittany Murphy ready to take over the terror hottie slot.  It’s called Something Wicked.  Yeah, like as in the MacBeth line (serious dramaturges, don’t get too bent out of shape for me not calling it a Scottish play—this is just a blog post).

Something Wicked involves a young couple who just graduated from high school, and are getting ready to venture forth into their futures together.  But it’s not as easy and sweet as it may sound, because the female half of the couple has a stalker, and one of those really nasty stalkers of the kind that’ll stop at nothing to be with her.

The first stills for the movie are emerging, and frankly, they’re pretty freaking awesome.

The best part that I’ve seen so far on this one is our leading terror hottie in the driver’s seat of her car whilst she stares at a message written on the windshield that reads: “There are daggers in men’s smiles”.  That’s just freaky.

No word on release dates, as this is just getting started, but from what I’ve seen so far, this should be a movie to remember.

Trouble Ahead–Weinsteins Lose Sin City 2

(Brittany Murphy)

Now here’s a disturbing development for those fans of terror hotties that were hoping for some good news on the Sin City front, an action movie with plenty of scary elements added on.  The specifics aren’t yet clear, but the current word is that Weinstein lost the rights to a private equity group that will now put up the dough and announce it publicly.  But Robert Rodriguez’s Troublemaker Studios will still be handling the production duties.

And even better, Brittany Murphy, Angelina Jolie, and Rosario Dawson are all CONFIRMED to be in the second installment.  No word if cannibals or biochemical mutations will still be involved, at least none that I’ve heard yet.

This may be something of a tempest in a teapot, really little more than some financial card-shuffling, but anything related to a big-deal title like Sin City 2 bears watching.  Release dates are still hazy, but at least it’s still likely to BE released.