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Piranha 3D May Be Bloodier Than First Projected

Alex Aja may not be the most trustworthy director—he’s had something of a mixed bag of successes with pretty good High Tension and merely not bad Mirrors—but the more that news emerges about his upcoming Piranha 3D, featuring a slew of terror hotties like Elizabeth Shue and Dina Meyer, the more that this sucker sounds like it’s going to be just plain old amazing.

Naturally, there’s a great cast involved here, with plenty of names like the two I’ve already mentioned.  But, as I’ve recently discovered thanks to My Bloody Valentine, 3-D isn’t really just a gimmick but, if properly applied, a useful tool for augmenting a horror movie.   And one thing is clear from the rapidly emerging data—the gore factor involved in this one will be likely off the charts.

But is this necessarily going to generate a good film?  An established storyline, a solid cast, a splatterific pack of special effects…whether or not it will turn out well remains to be seen, but there is at least some reason to believe that it will.  We’ll have to wait until March to find out, though—March 19th.

Elisabeth Shue Taking On The Piranhas

It’s good to see that Elisabeth Shue can still get work, and she’ll be showing up in the March 10, 2010 release of Piranhas from Alexandre Aja and Dimension, a movie that’s already drawing a few raised eyebrows for being possibly the dumbest idea ever.

The movie is about pretty much what you’d expect it to be about—piranhas attacking the town of Lake Victoria.  Elisabeth, meanwhile, will be playing the part of the local sheriff, a tough, no-nonsense sort who’ll be trying to save the townsfolk from being eaten alive.

I’m not sure why Aja’s out to remake this movie, of all the possible titles out there.  Maybe the license wasn’t terribly difficult or costly to obtain—after all, in terms of older horror titles, Piranhas was a bit obscure.  It probably wouldn’t be too difficult to get the current copyright holder to lend the license over in exchange for a cut of the proceeds, or failing that, a ham sandwich and a bottle of Jack Daniels.  Either way, we’ll find out how it went soon enough—this March.