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Hayley Duff Going Full Terror Hottie

So just in case you were wondering, yes, it’s true—Hayley Duff IS about to become a terror hottie, unless of course this is a gigantic hoax on par with War of the Worlds, because there’s a new trailer out for it, and it’s even got a new official name: Fear Island.

Five kids hit a deserted island for—what else?—a wild party over the weekend.  It only takes one night of music and drinking for the kids to discover that the island’s caretaker (which pretty much proves it’s deserted) has been murdered.  Oh, and the only boat on the island has also vanished.  So now, they’ll have to fend off a killer and discover the island’s secrets to survive the weekend.

Sounds like a thrill, if a bit familiar…okay, maybe something like something we’ve seen a hundred times before, but still.  Oh, and no word yet on release dates.  I’ll keep you posted!