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The Thing In the Basement Is Mostly Terror Hottie Related

(Devon Iott)

The initial word about Growing Out says that it’s going to be a cult favorite in the making, shades of Little Shop of Horrors and suchlike.  The plot suggests that there’s something to those projections, and regardless of how it turns out there will still be plenty of terror hotties to enjoy, like Devon Iott and Stephanie Skewes.

So here’s the rundown on Growing Out: an out of work songwriter gets what he thinks is a sweet deal–cleaning up an old house in exchange for room and board.  But it’s not quite the deal he envisioned when he discovers an actual human hand growing out of the basement floor.  Soon the hand develops an arm, and then a head and shoulders, and a personality.  And to make matters worse, the songwriter’s falling in love with his neighbor’s girlfriend…a development that the neighbor will not take kindly to.

So when you add it all up, chances are the thing in the basement’s going to have a few things to say about how to deal with the neighbor standing in the way of the songwriter’s true love.  We’ll get to see how it shakes down this March.