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Brinke Stevens Is Hope For Us All

(Brinke Stevens)

Perhaps my earlier expressed worries about the retraction of the horror movie industry were somewhat ill-founded.  After all, I just got a chance to check the IMDB profile for Brinke Stevens, and what I discovered was cause for hope.  Seems she’s gotten no less than six movies either in pre- or post-production at this very minute!

Check out the list:  The Coffin, Plan 9, Coventry Lanes, The Ritual, Caesar and Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre, and Blood Siblings.  Only the last three are likely to hit the video store shelves any time soon, as The Coffin, Plan 9 and Coventry Lanes are classified as in pre-production and filming, respectively.

An interesting side note:  Blood Siblings will be, if the IMDB can be trusted, released in black and white, an unusual stroke for any movie, especially a horror movie that so often depends on the clearest depictions of red.

Summer Camp Massacre

Here’s one for you if you just can’t get enough of eighties horror flicks, even though there hasn’t been an eighties horror flick released for almost thirty years.

It’s called Summer Camp Massacre and it features some fairly big names: already mentioned terror hottie Brinke Stevens, a little something for the ladies in the form of Deron Miller, and none other than Felissa Rose, formerly of the Sleepaway camp franchise.

I’m laughing my metaphorical ass off at this, trust me–I mean, for crying out loud. Sure, the whole “horror at camp” concept has been done and to death so many times over that it practically begs to be the nuclear whipping boy of satire–even Felissa herself calls it a “fun spoof”–but haven’t even satires been done? I personally loved Camp Blood, which you may not have heard of but I suggest you get at all costs because it’s so damn funny you can’t even think straight following a showing of it.

Oh, and it also includes musical numbers. Horror musicals are few and far between, so snag one where possible. But at any rate, Felissa Rose has a definite place in the terror hottie pantheon, and she’s definitely got the background in camp-based horror, so if you liked Sleepaway Camp, you ought to get a thrill out of Summer Camp Massacre.

Hopefully, however, weird crossdressing effects are NOT included. I still shudder.

Year of the Brinke

Brinke Stevens, who practically made a career out of being a scream queen, shows there’s still plenty of life left in her with her upcoming 2008 horror season.  The lady’s got seven–count them–seven movies slated to come out in 2008, and frankly, I’m all agape.

So, as part of my unending effort to bring you, o my readership, the very latest in horror movie news related to the great horror hotties of our day, I plumbed the depths of the internet and came back with these–plot synopses for our Year of the Brinke.

Look grateful.

So now, strap yourselves in and brace yourselves, because here we go.

The Unholy–slated for September 2008, it involves an entire suburban family of serial killers and the private eye who’s chasing them.

The Coffin–possibly planning to compete with Saw V on October 31, 2008, this one involves a cursed coffin roaming the South and wreaking havoc as it goes.

Psychosomatika–planned for May 2008, it’s about a partially blind amnesiac trying to figure out just what it was that left him blind and unable to remember anything.

Blood Scarab–Brinke rips off “Stay Alive”, among others, and recounts the now-familiar legend of Countess Elizabeth Bathory in a film projected to be out sometime in 2008.

Bryan Loves You–man, this one came as a shock to me.  I did not know she was involved in this now somewhat infamous indie horror special. Also in with Tiffany Shepis, Lloyd Kaufman, George Wendt and Tony Todd, this is based on the true story of a cult that took over a small town in Arizona in 1993.

Her Morbid Desires–this one may actually be out already.  They were projecting its release last month, so keep your eyes front for that one.

It Came From Trafalgar–this is a Western.  No, I’m serious. The IMDB says it’s a Western, and I take the IMDB seriously.  Coming out in May, I’m still floored by the news that Brinke’s in a Western.

And so, that’s the Year of the Brinke in review–plenty of action to come from this horror hottie!