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Pandorum–Sci Fi Horrorshow

(Antje Traue)

Antje Traue–funny name, but she’ll be a major terror hottie soon enough when Pandorum hits theatres this September.  At least, that’s the current word; who knows how much it’ll change in the next twenty minutes.

Anyway, what it’s about is pretty interesting (the poster, by the way, is a total horrorshow, featuring electrical cabling running THROUGH a person’s head!)–it’s about two astronauts who’ve just come out of an extended hypersleep, only to discover that all the lights on the ship are out.  Oh, and did I mention that the only sound they can hear is a rumbling coming from somewhere inside the ship and neither astronaut can remember who he is, or who his partner is?  With only one way out–through an airshaft–one astronaut goes through while his partner remains behind to provide guidance via radio transmission.  Soon enough, they discover the sinister purpose of their mission–and how their actions will decide the future of mankind.

Okay, I’m in.  Seriously, they’ve got my interest on this one–it sounds like it’s going to be a complete winner and September never looked so sweet.