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Dutch Horror Packs In Terror Hotties

(Eline Kuppens)

You know…I applaud the recent movement by other countries to get in on the horror movie export game.  I have seen some really IMPRESSIVE horror movies come out of the strangest places.  Normally it’s just Asian titles–Thai, Korean and Japanese especially–that own the market, but lately there have been some real dark horses.  Denmark, for instance.  And even Chile and Brazil.  I actually saw a Pakistani horror title once that wasn’t half bad.  And now, I’ve got a new standard for weird–a movie from the Netherlands.

It’s called Left Bank, and it features terror hottie Eline Kuppens as a competitive runner who gets into a passionate sexual affair with a man she’s only just met.  She eventually moves in with him and discovers that the apartment’s previous owner disappeared mysteriously.  She investigates, and finds a long trail of mystery, headaches, insomnia, and in case you were interested, unusual vaginal discharge.  I know, freaked me out too.

But not surprisingly, it’s a part of the Philadelphia Film Festival’s Cinefest ‘09, giving us a slightly bizarre addition that might still be worth catching.