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Katherine Heigl Gets Into A Whole New Anatomy

Katherine Heigl proves that it really doesn’t matter what they say about you on Gray’s Anatomy, because you can always be a terror hottie.  And it’s downright terrifying that she’s got to work with Ashton Kutcher in Lions Gate’s upcoming Five Killers.

In what seems to be a fairly standard thriller, a woman meets her dream man on vacation, and marries him.  But for some reason they discover their neighbors are assassins hired to kill them.

Well, okay, that sounds scary enough, if not for the traditional reasons.  It sounds like a movie we’ve already seen a few dozen times, but it might have a few good scares in it, if nothing else. Then there’s the whole uplifting issue of having Katherine Heigl around, so it should at least be passable.  Filming starts up next month in Atlanta, and will wrap up in France.  No word on release dates yet, but probably later this year.