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Stormy Weather–Porn Star Tackles Horror Flick

(Stormy Daniels)

Once again, horror proves to be the great refuge of porn stars looking to go legitimate as former Wicked Pictures contract performer / director vixen Stormy Daniels turns terror hottie by gearing up to direct her own horror flick.

The cast list apparently includes some “bona fide names in the horror genre”, but since the project is not yet technically greenlit, no one can say exactly which names are involved.  Of course, there’s a very good chance that Stormy herself will handle at least some acting duties, a fairly standard practice in low-budget horror circles.  As for plot, there’s not much word on that either, but Stormy’s got a plan for a three week shoot in New Orleans, making some fair suggestions of either voodoo whatever or possibly swampy serial killers.

It never fails to raise my eyebrow that the first stop of every porn star who wants to go legit seems to invariably be horror.  Are we more accepting, us horror fans?  Or are there so few other productions that they’re not able to get in on the comedies and dramas?  Well, whatever it is, it doesn’t matter so much to me as long as the end product turns out solidly.