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Strangeland: Disciple. HOW???

(Linda Cardellini)

You might remember Strangeland as being a self-indulgent torture porn monstrousity from Dee Snider.  If you do, you’re not alone, because that’s how I remember it. And I ALSO remember Snider’s Captain Howdy character hanging from a meat hook and set on FIRE at the end, so I was somewhat surprised to hear there would be a second one.

While from a terror hottie perspective, this was good as it meant the possibility of bringing back major names like Elizabeth Peña, Amy Smart, and Linda Cardellini.  But from a narrative perspective, this meant a spectacular crap sandwich about to be forced down our throats.  To his credit, however, Snider addresses the concerns of those who point out that at the end of the last one Captain Howdy was a flash-fried wreck and should rightfully be dead.

So how will Strangeland: Disciple turn out?  I’m not looking for anything good to come out of it, but I’m willing to extend the benefit of the doubt.