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The Resident Brings Us More Horror Fun

Hillary Swank, ladies and gentlemen, is on her way to being a full-on terror hottie!  Unless she was one already, but frankly, I’m having a tough time pinning down when she actually was one.  Anyway, she’ll be involved in The Resident, a movie that’s already being described as “in the tradition of The Exorcism of Emily Rose”.

I loved The Exorcism of Emily Rose, not least of all because Jennifer Carpenter is a hot, freaky genius of a woman who could be doing so much more yet somehow ISN’T.

Anyway, this time, Hillary Swank (who we can only hope will be as good as Jennifer Carpenter was, and considering Swank took an Oscar I’m convinced it’s possible) will be moving into a Brooklyn loft and finding she’s not alone in there. She finds out that her landlord is a stalker.

And what’s even better, she’ll be sharing the screen with Christopher Lee.  Oh yeah, that’s all sorts of awesome.  And all this is actually coming to us from Hammer Films, who is now officially back in action.  This will be great when it hits, but sadly, no release dates are announced.

Men Are Evil And Will Hurt You Because This Is Lifetime

(Hillary Swank)

Hillary Swank out of nowhere, folks!  That’s right–you might remember her from that Karate Kid remake or from Million Dollar Baby, but wherever you remember her from, one thing is CLEAR: she’s a terror hottie now.  Even more interesting is that this new film, The Resident, is the second film to come out of the recently-revived Hammer Films, whom you’ll remember as being the capital of low-budget vampire creepies for like decades.

And the plot smacks of solidly not bad, even if it’s a bit derivative–a doctor moves into a Brooklyn loft only to find that her landlord is a creepy stalker.  Yeah, I know…sounds a bit like a made-for-TV movie, doesn’t it.  Like something out of Family Guy: Men Are Evil And Will Hurt You Because This Is Lifetime.

But with Hillary Swank around, it might be worth at least a look.