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Vanessa Johansson’s Objective

(Vanessa Johansson)

She’s Scarlett Johansson’s big sister, she’s Ryan Reynolds’ sister in law, and she’s a brand-new terror hottie.  She’s Vanessa Johansson, and she’ll be making a big splash in upcoming release The Objective, all about a special ops team in Afghanistan (yes, Afghanistan–you know, where Bin Laden was supposed to be?) that finds itself in a kind of weird Bermuda Triangle sort of area which is apparently powered by some kind of ancient evil.

It is, admittedly, nice to see the movies catch up with the whole “Afghanistan” thing, and definitely nicer to see us get out of the seventies and eighties like Rob Zombie’s recent abortion of Halloween and the recent Friday the 13th remake.  It’ll remain to be seen, however, just how well it turns out.  Release dates are still sketchy, but at least there’ll be a Johansson to watch and that should make up for a lot of unpleasantness.