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King of the Hill to Boost Dimension Extreme?

(Maria Valverde)

Maria Valverde serves as the terror hottie of the day in the new Dimension Extreme title King of the Hill, a Spanish thriller that bowed at the Toronto International Film Festival fully two years ago.  It’s just now hit DVD, and I have to admit, I’ve got some hopes for this one.

A guy’s driving around the woods when he gets lost, and when he gets out of his car to check his bearings, he gets shot from a hill.  On the run from whoever’s shooting at him, he runs into Bea, who also seems to be lost in the woods.  Now the both of them, suspicious of each other, are on the run and getting shot at.

Now, I’ll admit I don’t have a whole lot of faith in the Dimension Extreme series.  Sure, Triloquist was fun and Automaton Transfusion wasn’t exactly terrible. but I haven’t seen a lot of real bell-ringers out of the series.  At least, not yet–but this may well qualify.  It’s Spanish, for one; these are the people who brought us Rec, which became Quarantine, and we all know how well that turned out!  Two, I have no reason to distrust TIFF.  Thus, I’m looking forward to catching King of the Hill when it comes out on DVD, on the order of very soon if it hasn’t already where you are.