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Eclipse Making the Rounds and Making the News

(Melissa Rosenberg)

Some of the biggest news in the horror community, such as it is, came from terror hottie writer Melissa Rosenberg, actively working on the script for Eclipse, the third in the, for some reason, massive hit series Twilight.

The biggest news is that character Leah Clearwater will not be appearing in Eclipse.  At least, not right now–Rosenberg says she’s not even in the script.  There’s a lot of other news involved as well, including that no offers have been posed for vampire characters Jane and Aro, and that there’s a minor celebrity duel over the director’s chair for the third installment.  Juan Antonio Bayona from The Orphanage and 3:10 to Yuma director James Mangold are both in contention for the slot, but no one as yet has pulled out the chair.

What amazes me is that this franchise is so big that, while shooting has only barely begun on the second, it’s the THIRD that’s making news already!