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David Lynch and a Pack of Terror Hotties

David Lynch, ladies and gentlemen!  Back out of nowhere it’s David Lynch!  And his upcoming production of My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done features some prime terror hottie, including Chloe Sevigny and Grace Zabriskie.

It’s loosely based on the true story of a man who murdered his own mother with a sword, which sounds like the kind of thing that’s just RIGHT up David Lynch’s alley.  It’s going to be directed by Werner Herzog, and will include Brad Dourif, Michael Pena and Udo Kier along with the terror hottie presence I’ve already filled you in on.

I look for My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done to be either fantastic or incomprehensible, because that’s pretty much the entirety of David Lynch’s work. For a David Lynch movie to turn out mundane is a long shot to beat all long shots, so I’m sure up front it’ll be something to see.  And there’ll be plenty of time to wait, sadly, because it won’t even start shooting until March.

The Killing Room is Prime Real Estate

(Chloe Sevigny)

It’s called The Killing Room, and it made the rounds at Sundance led by terror hottie Chloe Sevigny.  It’s getting a lot of buzz in the filmmaking circles mostly because it’s so very plausible–four people sign up for one of those psychological research studies, but later, they discover they’ve unknowingly become part of a classified government program.  And with a name like The Killing Room, it’s probably not about how people pay taxes.

Perhaps the lone downside to this is the film’s pedigree–it comes to us from Jonathan Liebesman, who as you might know brought us Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.  But when you combine Cube with a bit of the old ultra-violence as legendary Kubrick once put it, you might just have somethign here that’ll wash the cheesy franchise taste out of our mouth and give Liebesman a whole new lease on life.

I’m certainly hopeful that’ll be the case, and with Chloe Sevigny around, at least something will go right.