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Haunted High To Bring Creepy Terror Hottie And Surprises Besides

Hey Charisma Carpenter fans! Man, do I have a treat for you! Turns out we just got word about a whole new movie featuring the terror hottie that will be coming our way soon. It’s called Haunted High, and while the plot sounds pretty good, it’s the release that will be a surprise.

Haunted High takes us out to a high school that finds itself suddenly under the thrall of an undead headmaster. And while the headmaster’s grip is unexpectedly tight, the school isn’t without its resources, and the resulting brawl between the living and the dead is going to be a big deal indeed.

Carpenter, not surprisingly, will be playing the school’s attractive librarian.

What is surprising, though, is that this one will start its life on SyFy, but may follow from there to a limited theatrical release. That’s a strange release path if I ever heard one, but hopefully the quality will be there. Of course, with a terror hottie like Charisma Carpenter, well, that sounds pretty good to me!

Vividly Terror Hottie Rich

(Charisma Carpenter)

You’ve got to love Charisma Carpenter–the obvious pun is, man, does she have a lot of it!–and thus it’s good to bring up the next movie she’ll be in via the Red Sparrow production company, Vivid.

With a name like that you might mistake it for porn, but that’s not the case.  Vivid brings us Charisma Carpenter as a novelist.  Her character moves to rural England for some reason, where it turns out that everyone hates her.  When I say everyone, I mean it, from the local villagers to even her house, which keeps tormenting her with horrific visions of a massacre that took place there some time ago.

Any accusations of Mary Sueism can pretty much be thrown out at this point, and there’s nothing like a good haunted house story with some terror hottie backup to get some interest fired up, so you have some reasonable expectation this’ll be good.