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Scandinavian Horror Taking Off

(Charlotte Frogner)

It’s Charlotte Frogner, among others, on terror hottie detail for upcoming film hopefully picked up from Sundance Dead Snow. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Even better when I tell you that Nazi ghosts will be involved…and maybe even, if you’re good, zombies.

The recent uptick in Scandinavian horror leaves me a little baffled. Oh, sure, the quality’s there. Danish horror titles The Substitute and Room 205 were two of the three high points of the otherwise craptacular Ghost House Underground (we’ll pretend for the sake of this that Finland isn’t really Scandinavian so we don’t have to count Dark Floors, which was just crap.), and Norwegian horror got a great boost from recent Anchor Bay release Cold Prey. So hearing that the Norwegians are going back out into the cold to handle Dead Snow sends a chill down my spine–in a good way.

For once.