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Exposed? You’d Probably Rather Not Be, I’ll Tell You That.

The cover of Christina Lindberg’s Exposed DVD comes with the warning: “Warning! If you are upset by total nudity and strong sexual content, we advise you not to view this DVD.”

Excuse me if that doesn’t sound more like “Warning!  If you are looking for a strong plot line and are offended by pointless, gratuituous gore and nudity, then look somewhere else.  This is schlock for fifteen year olds who can’t buy porn, and even they’ll probably feel cheated and a little dirty by the end.”

Also called The Depraved when it was released in the United States back in 1971, it was banned in 36 countries at the time, possibly because the plotline centered around rape, and even back in the sixties and early seventies, no one wanted to watch movies about women hitchhiking across Sweden, meeting nudists, and carrying on affairs with dirty old men before engaging in a series of flashbacks and dream sequences.

Is it possible to ban a movie for being stupid?  This one sounds like it’d qualify.