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Get Your Passport Ready

(Barbara Steele)

Well, folks, if you ever wanted a reason to apply for a passport, go get one so you can head to Canada.  Specifically, Toronto’s Rue Morgue Festival of Fear, which will be featuring a vast array of awesome guests, including terror hottie Barbara Steele.

But this isn’t the end of it, no sir–this is just the beginning.  If I’m understanding this correctly, and I usually am, the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear will not be a show by itself, but will be COMBINED into the fifteenth annual Fan Expo Canada, Canada’s largest combined gaming, horror, science fiction, comic and anime event.  Featuring fully six hundred vendors as well as the standard array of guests, industry panels and portfolio reviews, this promises to be a massive show.

If you’re up for making the trek across the border into America’s closest neighbor and reasonable facsimile, mark August 28-30 on your calendars at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre’s South Building.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll see you there.

Dark Sky Raids The Nostalgia Vault–Again.

(Barbara Steele)

You’ve got to love Dark Sky–no, seriously. You’ve got to, because if you don’t, probably no one else will. After all, who else would bring Barbara Steele of Black Friday back to do a movie called She Beast?

While on a tour of the Carpathian Mountains, a young couple’s car is pulled into a lake by unseen forces. A passing truck driver rescues the couple from the wreck just in time, but not without cost. The female half of our couple has altered noticeably–somehow she’s turned into a witch from Transylvania, circa 1700. And she’s off and running amok, with only her boyfriend and the descendant of Professor Van Helsing to stop her rampages.

It’s like something out of the bad old days of seventies horror–which is, admittedly, Dark Sky’s specialty. Looking at the promotional material, featuring frothy quotes like “more frightening than Frankenstein”, “deadlier than Dracula”, and “wilder than the werewolf” definitely shows where they’re going with this, and if you’re into the cheesiest in horror, you’ll probably love She Beast too.