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13 Magic Number For Emmanuelle Chriqui

(Emmanuelle Chriqui)

The remake train carries on unrestrainedly as the next one up is 13, a remake of the French horror title 13 Tzameti. A new casting move has been announced for this one–Emmanuelle Chriquri has signed on to provide terror hottie power.

Now, I saw the first 13 Tzameti–you can too; it’s on Netflix as part of the ambivalently good Dimension Extreme collection. Sure, it was all right, but remake worthy? I find myself arching an eyebrow in the general direction of that one. The remake will be at least passingly similar to the first, in which random contestants are put into a high-stakes game of death while wealthy patrons bet on the outcome. The cast is surprisingly massive and includes names like Mickey Rourke, Jason Statham and 50 Cent–a more random assemblage I haven’t seen lately.

This could be interesting, and we’ll have to keep our eyes front for its 2010 release.