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Paprika Steen in The Subsitute

(Paprika Steen)

More Danish fun with terror hotties comes to us thanks to the Ghost House Underground series, and terror hottie Paprika Steen leads the way in The Substitute.

Taking a premise that was great fun for fourth grade readers–namely, My Teacher Is An Alien!–and ratchets it up for a more adult audience, The Substitute manages to put out great quantities of both scares and jokes. Yes, not only is The Substitute great fun, and great scary fun, there’s also plenty of action here besides, rounding things off very well.

There are great moments in The Substitute–watching the kids pack up for a field trip to Paris with their alien teacher is a riot as the kids know what’s coming, yet their parents remain oblivious–but the biggest problem with The Substitute is that, surprisingly much of the time, you can see the interesting parts coming. Of course this is somewhat necessary given the nature of the film, but it’s still kind of a letdown to know what’ll happen before anyone else.