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Lordi Disastrous Dark Floors

(Dominique McElligott)

Known by many names–some official like The Lordi Motion Picture, and some unofficial like the name I gave it: Complete Waste of Time–Dark Floors was one of the low points in the Ghost House Underground series, and not even the presence of terror hottie Dominique McElligott (and an outside mention to terror hottie of tomorrow Skye Bennett, who, though too young to be properly considered terror hottie material now, will likely have an excellent future ahead of her because the girl is CREEPY with a capital creepy.) was enough to salvage it.

There’s not a whole lot of plot to this one, which is most of the problem as the entire movie seems to exist for the sole purpose of showcasing the costuming of Finnish metal band Lordi. This is of course a huge problem as most people don’t watch a horror flick for the sweet costuming.

Thus it’s safe to say that you’ll be wasting a whole lot of time if you watch Dark Floors, and that’s especially fitting as they wasted plenty of time making it.