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Neel Ronholt in Room 205!

(Neel Ronholt)

Room 205 was a highly interesting part of the Ghost House Underground series, which was by and large a complete disaster, but had a couple of high points. Room 205 is actually one of them, and contains some solid terror hottie action in the forms of Neel Ronholt and Julie Olgaard, among others.

Called Kolleget in its original country of Denmark, it involves one of our terror hotties, Neel Ronholt playing Katrine, who goes to Copenhagen to attend school. She meets her new roommates, who seem at least provisionally nice if a little cold, but after an ill-fated hookup with one of them, they rapidly turn on her. The form of vengeance they use comes in a series of pranks set up around the legend of a girl who died in their dorm, but as is the case with all horror films, legends are never so legendary as they claim to be. And that’s when the screaming starts. And the blood…and the unexplained deaths.

Shooting this entirely in a dorm setting lends it a note of the claustrophobic, and actually adds to the scares. Better, there’s a twist ending that’ll provide extra shocks. So there’s lots of value in Room 205, and you’ll want to take advantage of it.