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Italy Bringing Some Terror Hotties

(Daniela Virgilio)

The only real upshot to a movie like The Last House in the Woods is its terror hottie count, and though that’s kind of sad, we definitely had plenty of them here. Some great Italian actresses put their talents into this little beauty, including Daniela Virgilio and Elisabetta Rocchetti, and they did what they could with what they had to work with.

Sadly, what they had to work with wasn’t much–basically, The Last House in the Woods can be best described, for a variety of good reasons, as The Venetian Chainsaw Massacre. Look for such “high points” as a badly out-of-shape chainsaw, inbred mountain hicks (apparently even Italy has them!) and cannibalism.

The plot was, also sadly, rather flimsy, and revolved around a couple raising their eight year old son who has an inexplicable (and totally unexplained) craving for human flesh. This might have been the biggest problem with The Last House in the Woods, as plenty of its events aren’t in the least explained. And that’s a prime recipe for dissatisfying movie.