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Alien Trespass Gets Release Date

Jenni Baird is the terror hottie of choice behind the upcoming Alien Trespass, and it looks like it’s going to be pretty sweet.  Better yet, finally, we actually have a release date on this beauty (which is why I tell you to keep it here for the news of the day): it’ll be hitting video store shelves August 11th on both DVD and Blu-Ray.

It’s an homage to the sci-fi / horror flicks of the 1950s, when all you needed to shoot a movie was a bunch of kids, a giant bug or similar monster, and a sock hop.  Seriously, I actually saw one such movie involving a giant spider, and after they’d managed to kill the spider the first time (of course, it wasn’t really that dead), the kids responded to this by throwing an impromptu sock hop around the spider’s corpse.  Say what you will about the bubbleheaded bimbos of modern-era slasher flicks, at least they never threw a rave around a killer’s body.

Anyway, Alien Trespass will be coming out soon, and I’m looking forward to this one.  A nice little throwback to the good old days might be a welcome treat in an era of more of the same.

Jenni Baird in Alien Trespass

(Jenni Baird)

Jenni Baird brings us terror hottie action, aided and abetted by former Will and Grace star Eric McCormack, in what’s been described as a “comedy sci-fi” movie called Alien Trespass. Alien Trespass will be opening in twenty-two markets April 3rd, which has my eyebrows quite thoroughly arched in a posture of interest.

And they won’t be coming down any time soon, either–further good news is that the director is none other than R.W. Goodwin, veteran of the television installments of The X-Files. As we’re all well aware, you can count on an X-Phile to know how to handle an alien.

The plot takes us all the way back to 1957, when a fiery object falls from space to crash into a mountain in the California desert. Contained in that fiery object is an example of the malevolent Ghota, who’s really not terribly fond of things like life and thus sets out to kill every single thing it finds. Also on the ship is alien Urp, who temporarily takes over the body of a local astronomer (McCormack) and sets out with the help of a local waitress (Baird) to save mankind through somehow neutralizing the Ghota.

This all sounds interesting enough–a veteran comedy actor (what? Will and Grace WAS at least technically a comedy!) coupled with a veteran sci-fi director and extra terror hottie punch is a fairly solid recipe for success. It’ll remain to be seen whether it actually works or not, and we’ll find out April 3rd.