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Haunted Ouija Board?

(Zelienn Rivera)

Zelieann Rivera gives us plenty of terror hottie joy in the upcoming Necromentia, a movie that provides further proof of the evil that is the Ouija board.

Seriously, though–did we really need another example on that one? Everybody’s been railing about the horrors of the board, from the Christian right to the Pagan left and even horror movies themselves. I think most folks know by now that using a Ouija board is a one-way ticket to horror, terror, fear, and possibly death.

And this time, we’ll get Ouija board users with lots of troubles, including a guy who’s hanging onto his girlfriend WAY past her shelf life, a guy whose handicapped little brother is making imaginary friends who want him to kill everyone around him, and a guy whose broken heart comes back for revenge on his wife’s cheating one.

All of which sounds like a real horror party, no doubt, even if we don’t exactly know just yet when the invitations are going out. So remember–stay away from the Ouija boards, kids, and just watch movies about them instead.