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February’s Gonna Be A Scream!

(Gina Holden)

So I’m definitely plenty happy about this new development, which will not only involve terror hottie Gina Holden, but also one of my personal favorite actors, Lance Henriksen. He’s one of a very, very few actors I can always count on to turn in a high quality performance no matter how bad the rest of the movie around him is.

What project is this, that’s got me all a-twitter? Why, none other than a sequel to the original Peter Weller excitement-fest, Screamers. You remember Screamers, right? The one about those little balls of death–otherwise known as mobile swords–embedded in the ground that burrow up and kill people that make too much noise? Anyway, in the sequel, it’s been thirteen years since the last Screamers went down, but now, a distress signal emerges from what was thought to be a dead planet. Is it a colony of lost humans? Or have the mobile swords retaken up the gauntlet of destroying the human race?

We’ll find out February 17th!