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From One Horror To Another

(Bridget Marquardt)

One of the former Girls Next Door (otherwise known as “girlfriends of an ancient lothario”), Bridget Marquardt, has graduated to a horror of a new kind and is producing a horror anthology film called The Telling.

The plotline is simple enough–three girls rushing a particularly cruel sorority are required, as part of their initiation, to tell the scariest story they know. They’ve got a wide variety of tales in terms of both subject and quality, including your standard class-X killer doll story, your equally standard class-X hunt-and-slash affair, and an interestingly unique little nugget about a has-been actress who runs afoul of a zombie film crew.

With two out of three stories having been done to death and beyond, and one story with at least some hope of being new and interesting, it’s looking a bit shaky right out of the gate for Marquardt and company…but I’m prepared to extend some benefit of the doubt.