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New Still Emerges For 7500

There’s a fresh still out there for 7500, and while we’re not getting a whole lot out of this one, we are getting more than we had, and that’s certainly better than nothing.

With Amy Smart and Scout Taylor-Compton just part of the terror hottie lineup, 7500 takes us up on a plane heading from Los Angeles to Tokyo. A few long time friends are along for the right when the flight finds itself under siege, while still aloft, from a host of hostile, malevolent forces. It’s up to them to survive their flight, and get the flight down in one piece.

This could be some good stuff, like Snakes on a Plane significantly amped up. Of course, it may not end quite that well, but the up shot here is that we won’t be too long in finding out. Turns out this one will hit theaters August 31st, 2012, so we’re only a few months away from getting an eyeful of this one ourselves. Keep it right here for all the latest!

Next Rob Zombie Halloween to Have Great Terror Hotties…If Nothing Else

(Scout Taylor-Compton)

Now here’s an interesting bit of news to pass on about the hopefully not godawful sequel to Rob Zombie’s Halloween–not only has Scout Taylor-Compton been slated to handle the Laurie Strode detail again, but Danielle Harris is also looking to come back. These are earliest-moment talks, so where they go from here could be absolutely anywhere.

I’m abundantly glad that Scout Taylor-Compton is coming back–she may well have been the only good part about that whole miserable wreck of a movie–and it’s also good to hear that Danielle Harris is likely to be in play also. But two against a world of unpleasant…well…not even two choice terror hotties like Taylor-Compton and Harris are enough to turn around a lousy movie. So we can hope–maybe Rob Zombie got one right for a change (and it took me a couple tries to type that through the stomach-cramping laughter), and that the Broken Clock Theory still works.

Laurie Strode Back For Zombie’s Second Halloween

(Scout Taylor-Compton)

Okay, it’s true–one of the only high points in the execrable misery train that was Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake was the able work of Scout Taylor-Compton as Laurie Strode. Thus, a rumor going around that Scout Taylor-Compton may well be coming back to rejoin the fun as Zombie launches a second–and hopefully better–Halloween remake, dubbed H2, gives me a note of hope.

Not a whole LOT of hope, mind you. The first one was still a chunk of flaming garbage, Scout Taylor-Compton or no, and unless Zombie actually does something USEFUL with the second one it’s going to be yet another calamity waiting to happen.

I maintain that the biggest problem with it was that Zombie had, apparently, ZERO respect for the material he was so casually remaking, making a wholly different movie and slapping the characters’ names on things to make it SEEM like he was trying to remake Halloween when he in fact made something completely different. I resent what he turned Michael Myers into, I resent what he did with Carpenter’s work, and I’ll go on record as saying that Rob Zombie has yet to actually make a good movie. Halloween is simply one more brick in his steadily growing wall of failure.

Scout Taylor-Compton notwithstanding, of course.