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Who Put Arkham Asylum in Space, Anyway?

(Linh Dan Pham)

You’ve really got to hand it to the French—not only have they been freaking us out with wildly graphic horror films for years, they’ve also started to dip their toes into the science fiction genre, and they’re blending it with that sweet French horror we all know and love from stuff like Ils and Haute Tension to bring us Dante 01, which looks like the French version of Event Horizon, only with more blood.

A slew of terror hotties including Linh Dan Pham are involved in this one, as a prison ship / psychological research vessel orbiting the fiery planet Dante takes on a new inmate with horrible alien mind powers. Naturally, all hell will break loose on Dante 01.

If you’re thinking that it’s as though someone put boosters on Arkham Asylum, shot it into space and said, here you go, kids, have fun—you’re not alone. That’s the prospect I’m getting too, and I’ll bet this sucker will be all sorts of fun when it comes out on DVD February 3rd.