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I Really Can’t Believe It Has Nothing To Do With Driver’s Ed.

(Robin Gierhart)

Man, just when you think the driver’s ed movies can’t get any weirder…wait, what? This ISN’T a driver’s ed movie? Well, what the hell did you expect me to think? Why can’t you tell me these things BEFORE I start blogging!

Okay…so apparently, a movie freaking called BLOOD ON THE HIGHWAY isn’t really a driver’s ed movie. Robin Gierhart, however, will be serving as the terror hottie in what can only be described as horror at its most ludicrous. Three friends on a road trip will, after what’s described as a “gastrointestinal mishap” with their map, blunder into the town of Fate, Texas, home to the world’s DUMBEST vampires. After running afoul of bloodsucking convenience store clerks (if their names are Randal and Dante I may well just walk east until my hat floats), the threesome takes refuge with Fate’s only surviving human beings and prepare for the battle of their lives against the undead horde.

Sure, it sounds great. It sounds like it’ll not only be action packed, but also funny, like a comedic 30 Days of Night set in Texas. So when it finally hits shelves—looks like this one’s been making the film festival rounds—I’ll definitely be looking for a copy.