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Got To Get It Satisfied

Keep your eyes front for Evalena Marie to serve as the terror hottie of choice in upcoming The ID Proxy.

It sounds like fairly standard fare at first glance, in which a group of friends go camping in the woods only to find themselves victimized by a psychotic lunatic who’s dead set on hunting them down and killing them in a loud, grotesque serial killer fashion.  By all reports they’re going for psychological thriller with this one, but it just screams slasher flick from where I sit.  Oh, sure—it’s possible to make it psychological, if you do it in just the right way.  But I can’t imagine a movie like this taking the kind of time and care necessary to take “lunatic chopping campers in the woods” and turn it into an actual, suspenseful psychological thriller.

It’s been done before, I know…The Last Broadcast was proof enough of THAT…but can it be done again?  Have to wait and see, I suppose.