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Let’s All Feel Bad For Lauren Holly Now

(Lauren Holly)

Seriously—we’d better. The poor girl’s going to great lengths to be a terror hottie. How great, you ask? Simple: she’s working for Uwe Boll.

And the worst part of it, the upcoming title The Storm seems like it had a good plot to it. I can only begin to imagine how badly Boll will bungle a good idea.

Check out the synopsis: A young couple with a little boy gets some help from a mysterious stranger following a storm, which is fair in light of the fact that they sheltered said stranger during the storm. But the stranger provides more than help as the family takes stock of their losses—in fact, he might just represent a bigger threat than the storm itself.

See, now, that sounds awesome. But at the same time, it’s Uwe Boll. He CAN’T do it right. He’s got an entire career full of suck. His portfolio exudes so much suck that LIGHT can’t escape from it. And the sad part is? Neither can Lauren Holly. I feel bad for anyone who gets involved in a Uwe Boll flick, even if they do so willingly.