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More Fun With Furries?

(Jenny Cavallo)

Call them manimals, hybrids, or in this case, Humanimals—they’re all coming back for more weird and wrong fun thanks to, of all places, Chile.

And man…do the Chileans ever get their fun in the strangest places. Featuring Jenny Cavallo on the terror hottie, basically, three humanoid animals live in the same house. Clumsy Turtle finds himself constantly victim to Fox’s intelligence, and things only get worse when Cat (Jenny Cavello) makes her appearance. Naturally, Turtle and Fox get to competing over her, and she’s only interested in the one who’s the most human-like. Turtle gets an idea…he can gain some advantage in the duel for Cat’s affections by feeding a strange creature animal meat.

Oh, golly…wonder where that “animal meat” is going to come from. Oh Fooo-oooox…

This could be wild. It’s like somebody got the idea to set an episode of Friends on The Island of Dr. Moreau.