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Olga Fedori Scraps the Airport This May

The word is, currently, that we’ll get some terror hottie joy in Olga Fedori come this may when release Mum And Dad hits video store shelves. It sounds like a pretty clever release, actually, and it’s definitely got me thinking.

Basically, there’s this couple calling themselves the titular Mum and Dad, living in an airport with adopted children Birdie and Elbie who scrounge cargo holds for whatever they can get to make a living from. And it gets even more interesting as Mum and Dad, a British release, will be the first ever film to appear simultaneously in theatres, on DVD, through video on demand, something called “electronic sell-through” and rental. I’m vaguely familiar with sell-through from my days in the video store, but its “electronic” equivalent is a little past me.

Suffice it to say, however, that this is a bold stroke. American releases have been toying with the idea of collapsing the DVD window for some time now, and Mum and Dad has gone straight for the throat. Definitely looking forward to this one making it across the pond.