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Total Recall Remake To Feature Some Familiar Moments

For those of you who were concerned, like me, about the Total Recall remake looking virtually nothing like its predecessor, you’ll have some reason for good cheer thanks to some word from Len Wiseman, who said that some of the original’s “iconic moments” would be back in the remake.

Featuring Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel on the terror hottie front (not to mention one of my personal favorite actors, Bryan Cranston), this time we’re not going to Mars, but rather pitting Euromerica and New Shanghai against each other, and our old boy Douglas Quaid finds himself in the midst of Euromerica wondering if he’s a spy…and for whom. The rest of the film will have him trying to figure out just who he’s really working for, if anyone.

Not too far off from the original, I suppose, though they should have left well enough alone, I’d say. The original was some pretty good stuff, so why not stick to the original formula? While we don’t know just what moments from the original will be coming back, it will be kind of interesting to keep an eye out for them, little Easter eggs for the longtime fans. Keep it here for all the latest on this one, which is set to hit August 3rd.

New Stills Land For The Tall Man

There are a ton of terror hotties involved in the upcoming release of The Tall Man, and the good news is that new stills have emerged for it. There is, however, bad news, more specifically about the lack of certain forms of news.

The Tall Man, featuring Jessica Biel, Samantha Ferris and Jodelle Ferland in the terror hottie slots, follows a nurse in a small town that’s got a serious problem. In this town, small children constantly go missing, for good, and don’t leave any clues behind. And now, our nurse has a serious problem on her hands as her son has just joined the roster of the missing. But this time, she’s got a clue to his whereabouts, as she discovers who’s taking her son, an enormous dark entity with few identifying characteristics. Now she’s got to go out and find the titular tall man and get her son back.

Sound pretty interesting? Sure it does. And the stills that have emerged do a great job of sealing the deal. Hopefully this one will live up to its potential, but that’s where the bad news comes in. There’s no word on release dates, even on the festival circuit, so there’s little to do here but hope for the best.

Jessica Biel Set To Land In The Tall Man

If the first thing you thought when you heard “The Tall Man” was another Phantasm sequel, you wouldn’t be alone. And now I have to dash your expectations as surely as my own were as I tell you this has nothing to do with Phantasm. But cheer up! Jessica Biel’s involved, and that’s one terror hottie that we’re always glad to see.

The Tall Man follows a nurse whose son has just gone missing, and the last time the nurse saw the boy, he was being swept up into the unusually long arms of the tall man in question. Now she’s got to get her boy back, as well as unravel the mystery behind the tall, child-stealing man in question.

It’s set to come out in 2012, and the early pictures and footage (a full ten seconds of same) that’s emerged so far says that this is going to be a pretty nice enterprise indeed. It’s set to emerge sometime in 2012, and this could be one to watch.

Jessica Biel Gets Noirish

(Jessica Biel)

It’s interesting enough to say, but the former star of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Blade: Trinity is branching off just slightly into the noir side of filmmaking.

Set for release in 2010, upcoming title Die A Little is set in present day Los Angeles.  When a stranger enters the lives of a schoolteacher and her police detective brothers, they’ll find their lives completely in disarray.

Though we don’t know much more about it than that, just yet, anyway, it definitely sounds like it’s going to take a very film noir turn.  This is actually pretty good news, as we don’t get very much film noir going on any more.  When was the last big one, anyway?  Sin City?  It’s good to see the genre get some air time again, even if it is just Jessica Biel and all.  It’s got me looking forward to it; it’s rare enough to be interesting and familiar enough to not worry me.