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2009 A Big Year For Catherine Hicks

It might surprise you to know that Catherine Hicks, formerly of the Child’s Play franchise, has no less than three movies slated for release sometime in 2009.  It certainly caught me by surprise.

Once again however the unusual news continues as we discover that only one of them may even vaguely be described as a horror film.  So guess which one we’ll be talking about here?

It’s called Callers, and it’s being billed as a horror-comedy hybrid.  But here’s where things get a little strange… despite the fact that the IMDB has this sucker classified as being in post-production, there’s not much information on it out there.  No release dates, no synopses, nothing but nothing.  In fact, the the only thing I didn’t manage to dig up is that this is the first film for production company Adobe Noir Productions.

That alone may prove scarier than anything.