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Adrienne Barbeau Still Going Strong

(Adrienne Barbeau)

It may surprise you to know that terror hottie Adrienne Barbeau is actually still quite active in the horror community, and seems to have really hit her stride, but in an unlikely field: as a voice actress.

Oh, sure, she’s still making horror movies after her late seventies / early eighties success in movies like Creepshow, The Fog and Two Evil Eyes—look for her in a direct to video affair called Unholy and another one called War Wolves—but it’s her voice acting that really made me sit up and take notice.

She was, among others, the mainframe computer in Demolition Man, Scooter’s Mom in Fly Me To The Moon, and even the voice of Catwoman in the old Batman cartoons.

She’s got a full slate on hand, too, with very recent or upcoming appearances in Cold Case, a couple of movies, and as the voice of Hera in eagerly-awaited God of War III.

Surprising, isn’t it? And yet, at the same time, very gratifying to know that time doesn’t slow down a true terror hottie.