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Fun With Bugs

(Nora Kirkpatrick)

Nora Kirkpatrick and Mircea Monroe give us some psychological sci-fi in our horror / thriller this time around with upcoming release Growth, apparently inspired by movies like Night of the Creeps and Slither.

Basically, plotwise, we’ve got a handful of kids who escaped an island catastrophe involving experimentation into human evolution coming BACK to the area after one of the kids inherits property from her great-uncle. Seems the catastrophe wasn’t so catastrophic that the locals didn’t keep up with their own research after the fact…and now the island is overrun with, get this, deadly parasites whose bite will give you superhuman abilities just before they drive you completely insane.

I’m freaked out just reading about it, and I wish I had a release date on this sucker so I’d know when to start staking out the video store because this is just deep-fried awesome covered in awesome sauce. Seriously, this isn’t the kind of thing I see every day, and as such, it’s definitely the kind of thing I want to see more of!