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When Halloween Attractions Attack

The poster for upcoming film House of Fears may look outright ludicrous, but the trailer looks much less so.

Featuring at least two good terror hotties in the form of Corri English and Sandra McCoy, it’s a haunted house movie, but not in the sense you might think. No, this is about a Halloween attraction kind of haunted house, not the abandoned building in the middle of nowhere haunted house.

Six friends are off to get an unauthorized sneak preview of one such house ahead of its Halloween night opening, and it’s only a matter of time before their innocent evening out becomes a night of terror they may not survive.

It’s short, it’s direct, it’s creepy enough for two, and though it’s suffering from the WORST TIMING EVER (I can’t tell when it’s coming out, but I don’t think it’s actually out yet, and they’ve missed Halloween by a couple weeks at least) it’s still got my interest piqued. Looking forward to laying hands on a copy.