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Das Panzerschrect

(Tess Panzer)

Tess Panzer is the terror hottie force in Blood River, an upcoming direct to video release with an excellent pedigree (Adam Mason’s doing the directing, and joining Mason in writing is Simon Boyes, both of whom worked on Devil’s Chair and Broken) and a whole lot of corporate might involved in a worldwide distribution.

The film is about a young couple, Summer and Clark, driving across California toward Arizona to let Summer’s parents know she’s gotten pregnant.  Trouble hits when the car gets a flat tire that sends the car into a huge and almost fatal crash.  With the closest town to the duo, who’ve survived the crash, being the town of Blood River, they set out for the town and that’s when all their problems start.

So it sounds like Blood River is going to be a creepy and atmospheric thriller with lots of twists–hopefully it’ll be as good as everyone’s convinced it’ll be!