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Dave Foley Back For Canadian Vampire Fun

Jessica Par

Jessica Pare

Dave Foley, perhaps the only GOOD part of Uwe Boll’s spectacularly exploitative craptacular Postal, is coming back our way with a collective of other magnificent ideas, including Henry Rollins, Iggy Pop, Moby, Alice Cooper, Malcolm McDowell, and terror hottie Jessica Pare.

Now, with a cast list like THAT, you’d probably expect the movie itself to be something amazing, and I really doubt you’ll be disappointed when I tell you it’s a Canadian vampire movie featuring a bunch of rock and roller wannabes off in search of fame and vampires.

Horror with comedic undertones–hell, overtones!–has always impressed me, because these are easily two of the least compatible genres of all.  Sure, science fiction is just horror’s bastard brother, but comedy is about as far from horror as you can get.  Thus, bringing them together is a shot of lime in my otherwise boring tapwater.

So this is one I’m definitely looking forward to–sadly, no word yet on release dates, so I’ll pass the word on when it lands.