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The Pact Gets Distribution Through IFC Midnight

If you were thinking that The Pact, featuring Agnes Brucker and Kathleen Rose Perkins in the terror hottie slots, was looking pretty good but you couldn’t get out to Sundance to check it out yourself, well, then I’ve got some news here that will definitely put a punch in your day–it’s got distribution, and through a source that should make you very happy: IFC Midnight.

The Pact follows a woman whose mother has recently passed on. And she’s come back to her old childhood home to settle the estate and try and get some closure. But her old childhood home is about as welcoming as her old childhood, and her old childhood was no great shakes in its own right. Things only get worse when she discovers that she’s not alone in that childhood home of hers, and what’s in there with her is a whole lot nastier than anything her childhood could summon up. But will she survive the trip home?

Sounds pretty good to me, I’d say–I definitely want to see what she’s got waiting for her back home–and though we don’t know just when this one will be coming out, having IFC Midnight involved is a great step. So keep it right here for all the latest on The Pact and everything else that makes its way to stores!

The Pact Gets A New Clip

Exciting news out there for you guys who were looking forward to The Pact: not only did it get its big premiere out at Sundance, which posted reasonably good word in response, it’s also got a fresh clip for you to check out.

Featuring Agnes Bruckner and Kathleen Rose Perkins among others, The Pact follows a woman who’s returned to her childhood home following the death of her mother. And the return home has not only dredged up some memories she finds less than pleasant, it’s also activated an old presence in the home, one that has anything but the best of intentions for our newly-arrived heroine. But will she be able to survive the trip home and find out just what’s been going on in there all this time? Or will the presence in her home take her down with it?

Exciting proposition, I’d say, and the clip doesn’t look half bad either. It’s not the best thing I’ve seen in some time, but considering how far down the whole thing goes, it’s better than you might think. No word about a release date on this one as yet, but hopefully we’ll have distribution details by the end of Sundance, so keep it right here for the latest.

The Pact Gets Greatly Expanded, Offers Plenty Of Terror Hotties

Nothing like a new movie with plenty of terror hotties, and word coming out from around Sundance suggests that we’re going to be in for a fantastic terror hottie romp when The Pact goes from short to full length feature.

Featuring Caity Lotz, Agnes Bruckner, and Kathleen Rose Perkins for starters, The Pact follows a woman whose mother has just recently died. Bad enough by itself, but when she returns home–likely to settle the estate–what she finds waiting for her is going to be a whole lot nastier than even losing a mother. And the thing that’s waiting for her to come home may well not let her leave it…ever again.

Not bad, I’d say–I’m personally rather fond of ghost stories, so this one sounds like it’s going to be right up my alley. Sadly, there’s no word on release dates for this one as yet, since it’s just now hitting Sundance, but hopefully a distributor isn’t far behind. Keep it right here, though, for all the latest on this one!

Who’d Go Back To the Vacancy Hotel?

It’s hard to believe that there’s such a thing as Vacancy 2, even with a new terror hottie in Agnes Bruckner, being that the first one was no great shakes. Oh, sure, it was entertaining enough, but not exactly tops on anyone’s Oscar list. Which isn’t exactly fair to say as few horror movies ever are, but you get the general idea. Anyway, in this case, Jessica and her fiancé and for some reason his buddy are checking into a small inn in the middle of nowhere. Being as this is the second Vacancy movie, you may have already guessed that said inn is brought in by a collective of psychopaths and greed mongers out to sell snuff films on the black market created on the premises out of the guests.

Ironically enough, this is almost exactly the same plot as the first one just with a slightly different cast. Can’t remember offhand if that’s the same motel but it doesn’t really need to be for the purposes of a sequel.

Excuse me if I couldn’t care less, and doubt seriously that this movie will have anything resembling a read deeming quality. We find out how bad the damage is January 20th.