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Like Wrong Turn On A Mountain Road

(Fanny Valette)

Fanny Valette and Maud Wyler give us a dose of terror hottie at super high elevations in High Lane, a movie that looks like nothing so much as Stallone’s Cliffhanger fused oddly with Wrong Turn.

A group of friends go on vacation in the mountains for a change and discover that the trail has been closed for repairs. How exactly you close a trail for repairs is beyond me, but that’s the synopsis I’ve been given. It’s not like I do a whole lot of hiking so the reference could be past me. Anyway, they’ll soon find that they’re not alone on this trail in the mountains, and from here, all hell will break loose.

A bit formulaic, yeah…and a whole lot familiar. Like I said, it’s basically just Wrong Turn in the mountains by the sound of things. I’m not sure any amount of terror hottie would be enough to save this poor wreck.