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George Romero Is Better Than This. Or Should Be.

So Amy Lynn Best will join the push to bring in a new, mostly non-zombie George Romero film, and surprisingly enough, I’m not that happy about it.

No, it really has nothing to do with Amy Lynn Best– but rather the content of the Romero film in question.  See, I’m really not happy with the direction he’s planning to go here, because it’s either been done before, or probably shouldn’t have been done in the first place.

It’s called Deadtime Stories–and if that title sounds familiar, it’s because it is. It’s the same title as a movie that was done back in the eighties, and even the same format, namely a three-story block, possibly with a wraparound story.  I really don’t know about the wraparound part; that information has not been released yet that I can find.

Anyway, it actually only gets worse when you start considering the stories themselves.  The closest thing to an original one in the block is called On Sabbath Hill, and even that’s about a college professor who cheats on his wife with a student.  He’ll follow that up with a story about Martian dust that reanimates the dead, and a bunch of hikers who get trapped in a cave and resort to cannibalism one piece at a time.  Those of you rolling your eyes at this point might well recognize the plot from an earlier Stephen King short story called Survivor Type– it’s okay, go ahead and roll them. I certainly did.

And here’s the problem I have with the whole thing: George Romero is better than this.  Or at least should be.  To perpetrate this many ripoffs in this short a time frame is strictly amateur hour and I can’t believe the Romero would sink this low.  At least tell me he’s trying to get funding together for something better.  I may not condone that but I can at least understand it.

Because in its current form, Deadtime Stories looks to be the sleaziest sort of cash grab, and I am having a hard time believing that the man I refer to as the Grand Old Man of horror is forced to this depth.