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Watch This

Only recently available on DVD is a lesser known horror title called Watch Me–a film that gives Frances Marrington a shot to be one of the newest choice terror hotties we’ve come across. The plot is both simple and somewhat gruesome as Tess (played here by Frances Marrington) finds her friends winding up brutally murdered after opening the so called “watch me” e-mail.

Behaving like a computer virus, anyone who watches the “watch me” e-mail winds up with their eyes sewn shut. Now Tess finds herself next in line to be the victim of “watch me”, and seeks answers from an illegal film dealer who goes by the nickname of “freak boy”. Now Tess and “freak boy” must race against time to find the answers to the “watch me” problem before it can sew her eyes shut.

Surprisingly this film is a lot better than you’d expect and isn’t nearly as confusing as the synopsis makes it sound. Marringtonis an able actress and a true terror hiding in the making; I only hope she can find more roles.