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They’ll Deck Your Halls For Sure With This One

Just in time for the ever-approaching holiday season, which seems to come faster and faster with every passing year, we’ve got a real stocking stuffer featuring Megan Pearson called Two Front Teeth.

You know, as in “all I want for Christmas is my”?

It’ll be in video stores November 25th, just in time for everybody’s Thanksgiving jollies and definitely available if you want to fight the post-Thanksgiving Christmas shopping crowds, which might well be the scariest thing all year since, well, Halloween.

Anyway, Two Front Teeth isn’t about a dentist, but rather a tabloid reporter who knows what took out Flight 1225 one foggy Christmas Eve…and it’s got a glowing nose.

Meanwhile, Santa Claus, for some reason a bloodsucking vampire, knows that our tabloid reporter knows what took down Flight 1225, and thus sends a legion of zombie elves (you read that right, zombie elves) out to settle the reporter’s hash.

Well, that one sounds like a jingle bell rockin’ good time, so I’m looking forward to seeing this one street.