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Sleepaway Camp Just Not Cutting It?

You know, it was a pretty big deal to get a new Sleepaway Camp movie. Containing a whole slew of terror hotties like Mary Elizabeth King, Jenny Coyle and Felissa Rose, there was a whole lot of reason to look forward to more campy camp slasher fun, especially considering we waited about five years for Return to Sleepaway Camp to land on shelves.

Well, the wait is over— the street was November 7th.

The bad news, however, is that reviews are in, and by most accounts, it seems that Return to Sleepaway Camp sucks sour frog ass.

You have to wonder if, maybe, some reviewers weren’t expecting too much. It IS a Sleepaway Camp movie, for crying out loud. Even Robot Chicken made fun of it, for crying out loud. This sucker was big back in the dim dead days of the 1980s, when all you needed for a horror movie were boobs, blood, and some kind of deranged twisted occasionally deformed freak to handle the axe or knife or finger blades or what have you.

Sleepaway Camp may not have aged that well.