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Not Even Terror Hotties Can Make A Third Boogeyman Sound Good

(Erin Cahill)

The fact that there’s a third Boogeyman leaves me cold inside. Genuinely and fiercely cold. Not even the presence of Erin Cahill as terror hottie Sarah Morris can break that icy grip of soul-crushing despair at the knowledge there’s another Boogeyman sequel coming out.

Seriously, what’s the deal here? Is there some kind of ridiculous conspiracy out there designed to elevate mediocre movies to multi-title franchises? First it was Wrong Turn, then White Noise, then Joy Ride…where does it end?

I don’t know right now…but one good guess might be when people stop watching stuff like Boogeyman 3, which puts Morris in the position to watch her roommates kill themselves, supposedly, and set off a sequence of events that introduces Morris to the Boogeyman. Now, Morris has to stop the Boogeyman before he can kill off an entire college campus.

I can’t even fake an interest in this cheeseball—it’s entirely too clear that it’s little more than a colossal cash grab designed to pump cash out of horror buffs’ wallets.