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So the Norwegians Are Neck Deep in Cheesy Ripoffs

So apparently, the Norwegians want a piece of the horror market, because they’ve put some terror hotties of their own in play, including an actual Scandinavian porn star, Isabel Vibe.

And Scandinavian porn star turned terror hottie Vibe is a part of Hora, a film involving a crime writer working on a new novel. To finish it, she leaves the city for her mother’s old house in tiny Dokka, which is apparently the name of a town. Our crime writer draws the attention of some local toughs, who break into her house and rape her. Naturally, this will not stand and some good old fashioned seventies-style exploitational bloodsport will kick in.

Great, says I…the Norwegians get into the horror game and what do they think to do? They go and make a knockoff of I Spit On Your Grave. I truly can’t believe this is what they think to come up with. Couldn’t they have just done a zombie movie or something interesting? Why knock off the worst titles our bad old horror history had to offer?